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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cube - Mike Nelson

Again in the cube of another.
Two men peering into the window on the table.
Code flashing, lips mumbling.
I'm near to the one at the keys.

There is a basking in the time,
a hesitation from the grasses jittering outside.
a readiness for the form of the code described
more in the mind than in the transparent form
of the lines that flicker.

The description of form, once gone, once
the flight of the moment passes,
will come to define them on screens to come.
They will go on, to another place.

Suddenly, in an instant they both move,
thusly the code is formed and the loop is complete,
the job is done. That instant will define the
code. As the code will depart, leaving just
the moment to live on.