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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mike Nelson's Mantras on Programming.

Mantra 1: Today's hot new system is tomorrow's legacy system. It will be hard to use, interface with, and support given enough time.

Mantra 2: Never call a routine 'smart', it is not. It doesn't matter how dumb the code was that it is replacing.

Mantra 3: Don't build for the future, it is unknown. Don't build for the past either for it is just as unknown. Building a new system to replace an old one is tantamount to ignoring the lessons of the past.

Mantra 4:
Build for the now. Only consider what it should do today. Not what may happen tomorrow or what it could do.

Mantra 5: Mostly the tenants of maintainable code are fallacies. When he says maintainable code he just means code that he would write.

Mantra 6: All code takes effort to understand. No matter how beautiful it is. Beautiful code just makes the puzzle more interesting.

Mantra 7:
No code is maintainable. Code is an object. It is only the coder that can take the action to maintain it.

Mantra 8:
Is the effort to make code maintainable greater than the effort to maintain it? Why do more of a thing in order to do less of another?

Mantra 9: Do not attempt to do today what you will know how to do tomorrow.

Mantra 10: Just because you are doing work that does not mean you are adding value; you might be removing value.

Mantra 11: Just because I am using newer tools that does not mean that I am smarter.

Mantra 11: Just because I am using better tools that does not mean that I am better.

Mantra 12: A programmer is not defined by his tools.

Mantra 13: Why must I always use the latest swiss army knife when I can use the sturdy blade?

Mantra 14: Just because I write the code that does not mean I am better than the people that maintain the code. They have to deal with what I write.

Mantra 15: Just because I write the code that does not mean I am better than the users. They are the ones that I wrote it for.

Mantra 16: My software is not a gift of my benevolence.

Mantra 17: How would it help for us all use the same tools? We are not all doing the same thing.

Mantra 18: Software is never good enough. Just make sure that it is good.

Mantra 19: Do not say, "I am a C++ programmer," or "I am a Windows programmer." Don't even say, "I am a computer programmer." Instead declare, "I am a programmer."

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